Let me start by introducing myself. Hi, I'm Deb. I am a training development specialist passionate about how people learn!
I am a full-time Product Specialist at Walden University. Operating in an agile-scrum methodology, Tempo Learning is Walden's innovative, user-centered, competency-based education offering. Our 3-person operations team (myself included) has consistently delivered outstanding results by working collaboratively with various teams in the organization, helping to improve the overall user experience. Serving as a subject expert, I work closely with the University's Center for Faculty Excellence, developing training content, including instructional videos, training guides, and podcasts. In my role, I also provide live student support and create and develop operations processes and documentation.
I am experienced with ADDIE and other instructional design and project management methodologies, Brightspace LMS and Blackboard LMS, Salesforce, Adobe CC products including Adobe XD, Office 365 products including SharePoint and Stream. I have a basic understanding of HTML and C computer languages. I also speak fluent Brazilian Portuguese, English, and Spanish (and soon, German!). I earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication in 2020 and will graduate with a Master's in Instruction Design and Technology in the summer of 2021.
Let's chat! I'm happy to jump on a video call to talk about your goals —and ways I can help reach them. 
Tchau for now!
Marcos Serra Lima (Photographer)

Bradley Images (Photography studio)

Inked Cartel (Digital Magazine)

Erica Wilcox (Photographer)

Kleyton Rigon (Instagram Influencer)

Henna Jan (Stylist and Make up artist) 

Hosana Elliot (Miss Rio de Janeiro, Influencer)

Vanessa Rosseto (Actress and Dancer)

Maria Joana (Actress)
Gabriela Minaieer (Instagram Model)

Natasha Txai (Professional Dancer)

Larissa Tavares (Professional Dancer)

Athena Blackwood (Yoga Instructor, Actress, Singer)
Trembling Giant Marketing, LLC. (Digital Communication Agency)

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